Are you a fan of the 19th Century

scientist, Charles Darwin?

If so, this website is for you!  


This website aims to draw together key publications, media and websites on Charles Darwin for the enthusiast.

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Darwin on line includes various works of Darwin, works of those who influenced Darwin, manuscripts of Darwin’s and more.  It is easy-to-use and a must for Darwin enthusiasts.


Darwin Correspondence Project includes letters sent to and from Darwin.  It includes a biography and much more.  


Wikipedia includes a biography of Charles Darwin


New World Encyclopedia  includes a biography of Charles Darwin


The London Borough of Bromley has produced a website about Darwin’s life and works around Downe (London Borough of Bromley) and its justification for World Heritage Status  


The Natural History Museum, London has collated information about Charles Darwin.  It includes good links.  


The Literature Network has produced a brief biography of Darwin and included access to his books  


Academic Kids Encyclopedia has included a biography of Darwin and access to his books


Cambridge based website about Darwin hosted by Christ’s College, Cambridge  


Website dedicated to the life and times of Charles Darwin, including a biography and works of Darwin. webpages relating to Darwin and evolution. Includes links.  


Encyclopedia Britannica webpages relating to Charles Darwin


Webpages highlighting Charles Darwin’s links with Staffordshire


Webpages highlighting Charles Darwin’s links with Maer  


Website dedicated to Charles Darwin’s grandfather and his home in Staffordshire.


Britain Unlimited webpages with a biography of Charles Darwin


History of Geology website highlighting Darwin’s links with geology


Webpages of the Natural History Museum and their collection of Darwin200 material


Webpages highlighting Darwin’s links with Staffordshire  


One of Darwin’s fan club sites with information about him and his friends  


Website outlining the biodiversity of the London Borough of Bromley, including Darwin’s links with it.


Website outlining the Royal Society papers about Darwin


American Museum of Natural History manuscripts of Darwin  


Details about Darwin by the American Museum of Natural History. Visit now


A ‘Darwin & Gender’ blog exists that includes references to Darwin’s scientific relationships with women


Webpage on the influential places around mainland Britain relating to Charles Darwin


The European Graduate School webpages on Darwin’s life, bibliography, quotes and useful links


Complete works of Charles Darwin including a biography


U.S. Library of Medicine webpages on Darwin


Charles Darwin's Library lists various books that were in Darwin's collection


International Darwin Day Foundation website

Want to find out more about Darwin?  Here are some useful weblinks!

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