Are you a fan of the 19th Century

scientist, Charles Darwin?

If so, this website is for you!  


This website aims to draw together key publications, media and websites on Charles Darwin for the enthusiast.

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Watch the DVD of ‘Creation’ (2010) starring Paul Bettany,

Jennifer Connelly, Jeremy Northam, et al.


Watch ‘The Young Charles Darwin’ produced by Shropshire

Connections (DVD)


Watch the US Import DVD: ‘Biography: Charles Darwin’  

(NTSC 2005)


Darwin's Brave New World (DVD, US Import, NTSC) 2013


Biography TV Series - Charles Darwin: Evolution's Voice (5 Feb. 2001)


Watch ‘The Story of Charles Darwin’ DVD (2009)


Take a virtual tour around some of Darwin’s favourite places

around Downe (London Borough of Bromley).  Click here    


Watch a film about Darwin’s Shrewsbury


Watch the ‘Charles Darwin & The Tree of Life starring David

Attenborough (2009) Click here


Watch ‘The Genius of Darwin’


Watch ‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea’


Visit this link for some documentaries about Darwin


Visit this link for some documentaries about Darwin


Click here for the series ‘Origin of Species’


Watch ‘Darwin’s Struggle: The Evolution of the Origin of Species’  Click here


Watch ‘Darwin’s Dilemma’  Click here 


Find links to some BBC information here


Watch Jimmy Doherty in ‘Darwin’s Garden’  Click here


Watch ‘Darwin in Edinburgh’  Click here 


Mini-videos and information on Darwin and the impact of his works at the Open University


Listen to the Darwin the Botanist podcast here



Like hearing about Darwin on the silver screen?

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Photo: Irene Palmer