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Walking with Beetles to School Activity Cards

The pack aims to promote the observation of nature whilst walking to and from school through specific activities. The pack is marketed to parents, carers and Walking Bus leaders by the schools. Teachers are encouraged to promote the use of the pack.


The activities contained within the pack also aim to supplement class lessons and promote the development of language and observational skills. The cards are targeted at Key Stage 2. Links to the National Curriculum and the themes of the activity cards are outlined in the tables which you can download in pdf format here or from the image in the left column.


In relation to the themes addressed in the pack, KS1 teachers are encouraged to simply promote awareness of nature amongst students on their way to school. KS3 teachers are asked to encourage students on their identification skills and undertake more detailed recording of species seen on the way to school.


Walking to school:


•    improves the fitness of young people and their families;

•   promotes social interaction between families and with other walking companions;

•   brings young people closer to nature, providing them with opportunity to observe and understand the environment around them;

•   improves alertness in class;  

•   encourages families to consider walking as a workable, lifestyle option;

•   helps reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality around schools.


Obesity among children is fast becoming a major health problem - perhaps affecting as many as 1 in 7 children in Britain. The Department of Health promotes the prevention, management and treatment of obesity in children. Exercise is encouraged - and there’s no easier exercise to participate in than walking! Using a pedometer may help encourage children to think about how far and how often they walk. A Walk Chart has been developed to encourage the recording of walk activity. The Beck Corridor Game is a tool that aims to raise awareness of the green spaces through which people can walk.


The ‘Walking with Beetles to School!’ pack includes:


•    ‘Why Walk with Beetles?’

This is an introductory card for parents, carers and Walking Bus leaders. It outlines the benefits of walking to and from school; how to use the pack; Health & Safety considerations and where to get further information.


•    ‘Come and Walk with Beetles!’

This is an introductory card that invites pupils to join in with the activities.


•    ‘Activity Cards

There are nine illustrated activity cards for pupils to read. Each activity card has a theme and includes an activity for walkers of 7-9 years of age on one side, and an activity for walkers of 10-11 years of age on the other. The timing of the activities may be changed in most cases.





Summer 2 Summer 1 Spring 3 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Autumn 1 Autumn 3 Summer 3 How the Activity Cards Link to the NC Walking Chart Information Sheet Walking Board Game Introduction Welcome Sheet